Profilometry: Stylus and Optical

Learn from Bruker's Metrology Experts

Join our stylus and optical profilometry experts for virtual and in-person courses in our Customer Support Centers around the globe. You will learn about the theory, practical applications, operational tips and tricks for a number of surface profiling techniques using our stylus and optical profilers. Each course has a specialized focus and most classes include both theoretical and practical trainings. During in-person lab sessions, attendees can practice  on Bruker instruments in our demonstration facilities and are invited to use their own samples. Upon request, students may also stay an additional day to have more hands-on time in the lab.

While there is a charge for the courses, customers with Complete Care or Access Care service contracts are eligible for free tuition. Others under service contract should contact for information about available discounts. 

Karlsruhe, Germany

Dektak XT Profilometry

During this 2-day course you can improve your skillset on the Bruker Dektak XT system.

The course covers basic software usage, Stylus selection, installation and cleaning, Calibration, Single Measurements, Quic and All-Purpose Analyzer on the first day. A brief look into the analysis functions is also scheduled for day one. On the second day there will be an introduction to Automated measurements and more advanced functions / options e.g.: N-Lite, Stitching, Automation Editor, Pattern recognition.

The course will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany. The language will be English.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Dektak Profilometer
  • Dektak XT set up
  • Vision64 Software Overview
  • Stylus Overview, Handling + Exchange, Force & Vertical Calibration
  • ASH and Roughness Measurements
  • Quick and All-Purpose Analyzer Basic Analysis functions

Day 2:

  • Automated measurements
  • Manual Pattern recognition
  • Scan Artefacts
  • Stitching
  • High Aspect Ratio Tips and N-Lite


Cost: Standard fee is €500 per day.  Free and discounted seats available to some service contract customers*
Daily lunch provided. Students responsible for transportation and hotel expenses. 

Conditions: Application deadline closes 3 weeks (15 working days) before the training is scheduled to begin. The maximum number of participants is limited at 5. When more than this register, we will aim to schedule another training 12-13th of Oct 23. If fewer than 3 people register, the course will be cancelled.

Date: October 10-11, 2023
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Language: English
Cost: €500/day

palaiseau, France

ContourX: Basics of WLI

In this class, we will aim to improve your knowledge of the Contour optical profiler operation. The training will be conducted in French. The one-day training will address the basics of white light interferometry. 


  • Introduction to measurement VSI/VXI, and PSI modes
  • Parameter optimization for different sample types
  • Various useful functions of the Vision software

Cost: 1800€/person; Free for Access and Complete Care contract customers.
Lunch provided. Students responsible for transportation and hotel expenses. 

This course has passed and is typically held only once per year. Would you like this course to be offered again, sooner? Let us know!

(*) Two free seats for Complete Care service contract customers and one free seat for Access Care service contract customers.