How Bruker provides all the “pieces” to solve the “metabolomics puzzle” by integrated and advanced technical solutions.

Metabolomic Analysis

Metabolomic analysis must accurately determine even the slightest changes of molecular profile related to disease, disease progression, therapeutic intervention, genetic modification or environmental variation. Thanks to our latest innovations in hyphenated NMRLC-MSGC-MS and FT-IR technologies, Bruker remains the leader in integrated solutions for metabolomics.

Our systems can be used for a broad variety of targeted and non-targeted metabolomics studies. They are very well equipped to detect, identify, and measure metabolome molecules covering the entire metabolomics chemical space. Thus, Bruker provides all hardware and software “puzzle pieces” to give a complete picture of the metabolome.

If you want to know more about our metabolomics solutions make sure to visit our pages on the Compass PathwayScreener and on the HMDB library.