A Simple Procedure for A Sophisticated Platform

Innovative Design Leads to Enhanced Performance and Productivity

The MALDI Biotyper workflow has been designed to be as robust and easy
to perform as possible. No previous experience with Mass Spectrometry
is required. The workflow has been streamlined and requires only a few
simple steps to generate high quality species identifications, our dedicated
microbiology software automates the process of acquiring the mass spectrum
and performing the library matching providing a report showing the closest
matches to the extensive library of microorganisms.

Typically no more than a single colony from a plate or a small aliquot from a broth is required, the entire procedure requires only a few minutes to complete.

Additional workflows are also available for the processing of positive blood cultures as well as other traditionally difficult to analyze groups of organisms including fungi and mycobacterium.

CE- IVD Workflow

A fully validated workflow according to the European Union IVD Directive 98/79/EC is also available and utilizes most of the same strains contained within the combined database.

Make A Difference in Analyzing Positive Blood Cultures

MALDI Sepsityper® Kit

Using the MALDI Sepsityper Kit in combination with the MALDI Biotyper,
can result in a 70-90% identification rate in positive blood culture samples,
This high confidence result is available much earlier than with conventional
technology. Use of the Sepsityper Kit can typically save at least one day in the time-to-result for the crucial identification step in analyzing blood borne infections.

The efficient pathway for fast, reliable, unambiguous species identification from positive blood culture bottles.

The Best Technology from The Market Leader in MALDI-TOF

Bruker’s FLEX™Series of MALDI-TOF Instruments

The MALDI Biotyper is based on the well proven, industry leading FLEX Series of MALDI-TOF MS instruments. These systems are designed as robust, compact, high performance platforms intended for extensive and routine usage.

Many features of these outstanding systems have been incorporated into
the MALDI Biotyper to enhance performance, simplify operation, and
extend system lifetime and utility.

Maximize Laboratory Productivity and Return on Investment Self Cleaning Source:

The Perpetual™ Ion Source* is a unique, automated self cleaning instrument source. This technology enables routine maintenance of the system to insure peak performance in less than 15 minutes without the costly and time consuming need to break system vacuum.

SmartSpectra™ Acquisition:

This capability accelerates data acquisition speed by minimizing the time and amount of sample needed to generate a signal. Typically, 96 samples can be fully analyzed in well under 30 minutes.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.