Proteinscape main features

Database Management

  • Project-oriented data management
  • Flexible analyte hierarchy
  • User administration

Database Search Features

  • ProteinExtractor – protein list compilation from different sources, e.g. MS instruments, search engines, parameters
  • Decoy validation – creating peaklist for a pre-defined False Positive Rate
  • Support of different fragmentation types, e.g. CID, ETD, ECD
  • Automatic result assessment
  • Interactive result validation (integration with BioTools)
  • Database searches in automated workflows
  • 2nd round searches

Glycan and Glycopeptides

  • Automated MS/MS spectra classification for N-glycans, O-glycans and released glycans
  • Database search for released glycans and glycopeptides
  • Glycan structure editor
  • Interpreted glycan MS/MS spectra viewer
  • Glycan search reporting

Interactive Viewers

  • LC-MS survey
  • Spectrum viewer
  • Sequence viewer
  • Gel viewer
  • Peptide statistics

Advanced Result Processing

  • Export – all tables can be exported to classic spreadsheet software
  • Reporting – invaluable for publication
  • Queries – convenient access to the information stored in the ProteinScape database
  • Quantitation –  supporting many kinds of chemical and metabolic labels
    Supported Mass Spectrometers
  • All Bruker MS systems and many other instruments are supported.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.