PTM discovery and characterization

Within  proteinscape, PTM detection and Characterization are fully integrated in the identification and quantification Workflows, making it possible for the scientist to access  interactively to all ID and quant information for different proteins isoforms.

Screening, pooling, reporting and comparing results throughout injections, samples or projects s done within a few mouseclicks.

Need to dig deeper? Biotools enables to search and locate new modifications , crosslinks or mutation site, and to export the result back into proteinscape.

Whatever you have use of the MALDI TOF-TOF unique fragmentation pattern to decypher glycosylation sites, of the maXis series MS/MS accuracy and formula generation capabilities to characterize new modifications, or of the amaZon series most robust and sensitive ETD to localize labile post-traductionnal modifications, all results can be pooled in the same location … enabling to transform data into knowledge…


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.