Quantitation with PRIME

Identification and quantification of protein expression is key for the understanding of biological processes and for the discovery of biomarkers. ProteinScape offers full support for label (SILAC, iTRAQ, ICPL, TMT, O18.) or label-free approaches in a seamless fashion. Advanced visualization and validation tools are accessible through an easy-to-use interface, allowing straightforward extraction of essential information from quantitative proteomic studies.

ProteinScape supports PRIME for labeled and label-free approaches:

  • Interaction between identification and quantitative data from all Bruker instruments.
  • Search results can be combined before quantification.
  • Data processing and  Statistical data handling tools, e.g retention time alignments,  normalization, statistical viewers, etc.
  • Targeted proteomics approaches (absolute and relative quantitation are supported by the Skyline  software (see validation part).

Choose the strategy that best fits your research

There is no universal quantitation strategy, but rather one solution that best fit one experimental design. Therefore, we believe that a fully capable proteomic solution is able to cope with all these approaches.

ProteinScape allows the user choose between a wide range of strategies covering the complete proteomics request: from DIGE, ICPL or 018 strategies used  (among others) with gel separation and enabling an MS based quantitation to the iTRAQ and TMT isobaric labels suited to high complexity samples, as well as the label-free approach adapted to the use of large sample cohorts.

All these strategies can be used with both MALDI and ESI ionisation to let the scientist chose the most adapted ionisation method for his/her research or to let him/her take advantage of the complementarities offered by these two approaches.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.