Three Acquisition Modes Promote Success in any Analytical Situation


"Classical" Target HR-XIC
for high-sensitivity quantitation, compatible with sharp UHPLC peaks

Middle Band CID
for improved LOQ on overlapping peaks and enhanced selectivity

Broad Band CID
for improved selectivity on sharp UHPLC peaks with medium complexity samples

All Data Independent Acquisition Methods
no time-consuming method setup

Comparative Performances of the Three Acquisition Modes

  • UPS 2 spiked in 100 ng of an E. Coli digest in two sample sets with a 1:2 ratio
  • Follow-up of 48 proteins covering 6 orders of magnitude in concentration (from 500 fmol/µL down to 0.25 amol/µL)
  • Acquisition with the maXis impact, nano-Advance LC and CaptiveSpray™ ion source
  • All three methods deliver accurate ratios down to 25 - 250 amol in complex E. Coli background
  • All three methods supported in Skyline™
  • All are Data Independent Acquisition methods: No tedious method development!

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.