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Maximizing Process Efficiency and Yield with High-Performance Metrology Techniques:
A Two-Part Webinar Series

Learn how recent advances in Bruker’s in-line and lab-based metrology accelerate and improve both front- and back‑end processes

Pick the best metrology technology and techniques to meet your semiconductor R&D or process control needs.

In this free two-part webinar series, you will learn how to apply Bruker’s high‑performance metrology techniques to evaluate and optimize front-end processes, back-end processes, and failure analysis. Our team of application experts will use case studies to demonstrate where Bruker’s benchtop and automated metrology solutions can add capability and value.

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Accelerating Front-End Semiconductor Process Control with Accurate Metrology and Characterization

Bruker's high-performance metrology and characterization techniques can provide new insights for your R&D or process control by assisting in the nanometer-scale surface evaluation of semiconductor materials and devices. During this webinar, we will illustrate how each of our core technologies can be applied to the most current technology nodes and wafer processing steps in front end, back end, and failure analysis areas.

Discover how Bruker's solutions could fit your process control needs by hearing from our team of application experts. They will present both benchtop and automated metrology solutions, illustrating each with case study examples.

Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nano-Indentation for Semiconductor Failure Analysis and Reliability

This webinar addresses how scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and nanoindentation can advance failure analysis and reliability testing in the semiconductor industry.

SPM, or atomic force microscopy (AFM), is known for its ability to image surface topography with nanoscale spatial resolution, but its capabilities extend much further. By choosing the right probes, modes, and methods, SPM can be adapted to measure a variety of electrical, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical properties. More recently, SPM has also been expanded to enable chemical identification at the nanometer scale using AFM-IR methods. During this webinar, Bruker experts will use Si and compound semiconductor device examples to illustrate how the standard topographical AFM imaging and other types of property imaging can be used to inform semiconductor failure analysis and improve reliability.

Nanoindentation can be used for quantitative nanomechanical characterization and can also be performed in-situ (inside the SEM or TEM) for direct observation during testing. During this webinar, Bruker experts will present nanoindentation case studies—including the thermal expansion of Cu-TSVs—to illustrate how our nanomechanical test instruments have been developed to enable a broad suite of complementary characterization techniques which can be leveraged for semiconductor failure analysis and reliability testing.

Date: Wednesday, April 19
Time: 8AM PDT | 11AM EDT | 4PM GMT+1
Location: Online
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