Bruker Nano Analytics presents:

Multiscale In-situ Non-destructive micro-XRF Scanning Analysis: Implications for ore Mineralogy, Petrogenesis and Micro-metallurgical Assessments

On-Demand Session - 60 Minutes

Analysis of Geological Samples Using Micro X-ray Fluorescence

The micro-analysis of geological samples is common practice and provides valuable information on a variety of scales, for example in mineral exploration and process mineralogy.  The exploration process and subsequent metallurgical understanding occurs on scales that vary by numerous orders of magnitude.  An important link in this chain is the transition from samples collected in the field to analysis in the laboratory.  The micro-XRF bridges these challenging scales of observations allowing micro-analytical interpretations to be easily related to field samples (i.e. visually), as well as enabling the ability to select appropriate samples for more detailed micro-analysis, which is often costly and time-consuming.

In this webinar we will present examples of the characterization of cobalt-rich samples using a geometallurgical approach that employs geo-analytical techniques to achieve multi-scale, multi-modal, and multi-dimensional information.  The focus of this study is on the analysis of drill core sections and their interpretation, from both an up-scaling and down-scaling viewpoint using micro-XRF as a key component of the overall workflow. The end result is a new perspective on commercial mineralogy incorporating details about liberation of both ore and gangue minerals.

Who Should Attend?

  • Everyone dealing with geology, mining, metallurgy and mineral processing applications, both from a commercial and research perspective


Elemental Hypermaps of drill core focusing on elements of interest, namely, Fe, Co, As and Cu
Mineralogical information from the same drill core highlighting grain size information for the cobalt sulphide, linnaeite


Dr. Andrew Menzies

Senior Application Scientist - Geology and Mining, Bruker Nano Analytics

Prof. Alan R. Butcher

Geomaterials & Applied Mineralogy, Geological Survey of Finland

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