Fluorescence Microscopy Journal Club

The Development of Cortical Circuits for Motion Discrimintation

by Gordon B Smith, Audrey Sederberg, Yishai M Elyada, Stephen D Van Hooser3, Matthias Kaschube & David Fitzpatrick

Nature Neuroscience 2015, 18, pp. 252-261

Two photon in vivo calcium imaging has become a standard technique for measuring neuronal activity and providing the spatio-temporal information to understand the function of neural networks. Developmental paradigms provide an opportunity to observe changes in neural function that are related to natural experiences.

In this paper from MPI Florida, multiphoton in vivo calcium imaging is used to track development of visual cortex in ferrets. The group found that after eye opening, they were able to observe and measure changes in neuronal response properties that appear to be critical for development of motion discrimination.