Ellipsometers and Reflectometers

Reflection-Transmission Spectrophotometry

Single-instrument solutions for measuring absorbing films on transparent substrates

Measure Absorbing Films with Unmatched Accuracy, Ease, and Analytical Power

Our FilmTek™ 3000 series reflection-transmission spectrophotometry systems are ideally suited for measuring the thickness and optical constants of absorbing films deposited on transparent substrates. All 3000-model systems provide high levels of accuracy, ease of use, and analytical power that are unmatched by conventional reflectometers and ellipsometers used to characterize such samples.


Each 3000-model system is a fully integrated package. Their exclusive configurations combine fiber-optic spectrophotometers with proprietary material modeling software, our generalized material model with advanced global optimization algorithms, and other FilmTek patented technology. As a result, they are uniquely designed for the fast, simultaneous, and independent determination of the layer thickness, index of refraction, and extinction coefficient of absorbing film materials and structures.


This product line offers users a variety of options to suit specific and challenging measurement needs. Models range from our most streamlined benchtop instruments to the most advanced and adaptable multimodal systems. Moreover, the FilmTek 3000 product family features instruments capable of characterizing nearly any ultra-thin to very thick film samples, including layers and structures strongly absorbing in the DUV to NIR spectral range or contained within multilayer stacks. This makes FilmTek 3000 series instruments ideal for use in R&D and production for LED/OLED, optoelectronics, solar photonics, semiconductor, and flat panel display applications, among many others.


Find the Best Reflection-Transmission Measurement System for You

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