Test & Measurement

Ellipsometers and Reflectometers

Multimodal film metrology tools with unmatched performance in applications with complex measurement requirements

Flexible, Non-Contact Metrology Systems for Specialty Film Analysis

Bruker's extensive FilmTek™ product line enables more precise and repeatable measurement on more film types and thicknesses than comparable instruments. Featuring exclusive and patented ellipsometry, reflectometry, and reflection-transmission spectrophotometry technology and designed for highly efficient, push-button operation, these instruments enable users to quickly, accurately, and non-destructively measure:

       •  Film thickness;

       •  Refractive index;

       •  Critical dimensions of structures; and

       •  Total thickness variation of substrates.


These systems are compatible with a broad array of single- and multilayer films with layer thickness from ultra-thin (down to <1 Å) to very thick (up to 350 μm), including, among others, metallic, semiconductor, amorphous, crystalline, and dielectric materials on virtually any substrate. Contact us to discuss your unique measurement needs with a Bruker applications expert.

Our Technology

More and Better Measurements on Even the Most Challenging Film Samples

Contact us to discuss your measurement requirements, find out about the systems best-suited for your application, and discuss options for system specialization.

With installed systems in the world’s top development labs and industrial production floors, these metrology tools boast the highest accuracy and refractive index resolution for many thick, thin, and multilayer film applications that are not feasible with other metrology systems and are suited for use in settings ranging from academic research and R&D to high-volume manufacturing in controlled environments.

To support the broadest range of applications, samples, and environments, FilmTek systems are available in a variety of standard and customizable configurations. These range from manual benchtop instruments to fully automated production-line-ready models and include both single-technique and multimodal systems that combine our core technologies and additional technical integrations.


Our Technology

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