In-situ Nanomechanical Testing

Tribo iQ for Hysitron PicoIndenters

Full-featured data processing, analysis, graphing, and reporting software

Tribo iQ is Bruker’s full-featured data processing, analysis, graphing, and reporting software. Tribo iQ combines an easy-to-use user interface with the power of a complex scientific software package that includes advanced statistical analysis and fitting functions. A user-friendly GUI generates reports automatically and allows for any analysis, either preprogrammed or defined by the user. Tribo iQ reduces time to results, which enables the analysis to be part of the experimental phase rather than post-experimental process for even great productivity. TriboiQ can be customized through an innovative App structure that streamlines complex analysis procedures. The open software architecture allows users to write the analysis-specific Apps, which can be shared and improved throughout the user community. The Tribo iQ software is based on Origin, which can be purchased from Bruker or used with pre-existing Origin licensing to interface with TriboiQ.​

Tribo iQ user interface.

Available options with Tribo iQ for PicoIndenters

Tribo iQ apps.
  • NanoIndentation explorer
  • Particle compression
  • Pillar compression​
  • XPM – High-speed nanoindentation and property mapping and statistics
  • Direct-Pull-Tensile: Dog-bone sample ​
  • Push-to-Pull: Tensile testing of a sample without a gripper tip
  • NanoTribology
  • Load function generator​