Nanomechanical Test Instrument

Hysitron BioSoft

In-situ indenter for soft biomaterials mechanical characterization

Hysitron BioSoft

Bruker’s Hysitron BioSoft In-Situ Indenter is a first-of-its-kind instrument specifically designed for multiscale quantitative mechanical testing of biological materials and soft matter, such as hydrogels. BioSoft synchronizes powerful mechanical and optical characterization techniques to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of biomaterials. This portable system integrates with existing inverted optical microscopes to bring advanced biomechanical testing capabilities into your laboratory.

mechanical property measurements
Provides a unique combination of force sensitivity and displacement range specifically engineered to measure biological specimens from sub-cellular to tissue levels.
test flexibility
Easily integrates with inverted microscopes to characterize a broad range of biological materials.
BioMech control module
Performs interchangeable load, displacement and open-loop control within a single test.
Testing Modes

Transform Your Optical Microscope into a Powerful Biomaterials Test System

Quantitative Soft Biomaterials Characterization

Overlay of 55 indentation curves into polyacrylamide gel showing a high degree of repeatability.

The Hysitron BioSoft provides a unique combination of force sensitivity and displacement range to deliver quantitative mechanical property measurements on the sub-cellular to tissue levels. Streamlined system operation delivers the results you need quickly, minimizing the need to become an experimental expert and providing an easy portal to make life changing discoveries.

Quantify the Mechanics of the Biological World

Incorporating decades of knowledge in biomatter nanomechanical testing, Bruker's BioIndenter Series was specifically developed to help you understand the mechanics of soft matter. Its portable compact platform and adaptability enables its users to transport nanomechanical testing capabilities into any laboratory.

Quantitative Testing at Elevated Temperatures

Hysitron BioSoft integrated with the BioSoft PetriDishHeater (left) and indentation curves measured on bio-inks (right). Fit of Hertz Elastic Contact: G1 = 75.2 ± 17kPa; G2 = 53.7 ± 16.1kPa

The BioSoft PetriDishHeater can be integrated with Hysitron BioSoft to conduct quantitative in-situ mechanical testing at room temperature (RT) up to 60°C with 0.1°C precision. This capability allows researchers to confidently investigate biological and soft materials at constant temperatures to more accurately reflect real-world conditions.

Upgrade Options and Add-Ons

Expand Hysitron BioSoft's Capabilities


Contact us for more information about available upgrade options and how Hysitron BioSoft can be configured to meet your specific measurement needs now and grow with your research going forward.

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