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In-Situ, In-Operando PeakForce Tapping Imaging of Li-Ion Batteries in a Glovebox

In this joint Webinar, we report on in-situ and in-operando imaging of a Li-ion battery sample using a Dimension Icon AFM in a glove box at < 1 ppm O2 and H2O.
Presented by: Xingcheng Xiao, Staff Researcher, GM Global R&D Center; Teddy Huang, Senior Application Scientist, bruker Nano Surfaces; and Ravi Kumar, Sheldon Lab, Brown University (August 2, 2016)


  • [00:00:00] Welcome & introduction
  • [00:03:53] Background – battery materials research and regulations
  • [00:05:16] Advantages, challenges, and initial analyses of lithiated Si high-capacity electrodes/Si nanostructures and SEIs
  • [00:09:14] Bruker’s in-situ AFM solutions for next-generation battery research
  • [00:18:20] Introduction to the in-situ AFM-based study of failure mechanisms of SEIs
  • [00:19:48] Experimental approach and setup
  • [00:22:44] Results: The mechanical properties and deformation processes of SEI layers
  • [00:44:45] Q&A with the speakers