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In-Situ, in-Operando PeakForce Tapping Imaging of Li-Ion Batteries in a Glovebox

In this joint Webinar, we report on in-situ and in-operando imaging of a Li-ion battery sample using a Dimension Icon AFM in a glove box at < 1 ppm O2 and H2O.

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In this webinar, In-Situ,in-Operando PeakForce tapping Imaging of Li-Ion Batteries in a Glovebox, we use PeakForce Tapping with its direct, pN level force control, to obtain high resolution images of the extremely fragile SEI layer formed upon cycling on the Si anode.

This process allows us to investigate the formation, evolution, and failure mechanisms of the SEI layer on patterned Si island structures, showing for the first time the in operando cracking of SEI layer.

These results offer guidance for strategies to tailor passivation layers and thus address the key issue of cycling lifetime in higher capacity Li-ion batteries.


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This webinar was presented on: August 2, 2016