Portable BioDetector


For Biological Threat Mitigation


Bruker is recognised as the leading authority on the use of detection and identification technologies to mitigate the threat from the accidental or deliberate release of toxic gases, explosives and radioactive materials that could kill and injure civilians.
We offer the world‘s most comprehensive range of threat detection and identification solutions and can help you to assess how these can be best employed.
We develop, manufacture and supply technology worldwide for a range of customers and end users that need to protect people and property.
These include, but are not limited to governments, commercial enterprises and multi-national corporations who need to protect their employees and clients from the ever-increasing threat from terrorism.
Bruker is strongly committed to meeting its customers‘ needs by continuing to revolutionise  the design, manufacture and distribution of detection tools based on our core technologies; by providing solutions that are regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ by threat mitigation experts.

pBDi – Portable BioDetector

Emergencies involving biothreat agents can occur because of a natural catastrophe, a localized outbreak (epidemic) or a worldwide outbreak (pandemic) of an infectious agent, warfare, or acts of terrorism. Rapid and reliable identification of biothreat agents is of utmost importance not only to confirm that a bioterrorism event has occurred, but also to initiate appropriate organizational as well as medical countermeasures.

The Bruker´s pBDi is a portable detection platform for rapid and sensitive on-site identification of biothreat agents. Developed for use by non-scientific personnel, the pBDi is easily operated, even while working in protective equipment under extreme conditions. Fully portable and operating from internal batteries, pBDi can be used in the hot zone. Equally pBDi can be integrated with various mobile platform solutions, where it can be powered from an external supply.  

The pBDi employs a sensitive electrochemical biochip technology for multiplex ELISA-based (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) detection of biothreat agents. The pBDi builds on the technology of the Bruker portable Toxin Detector and offers new features such as integration with a mobile suitcase, battery operation, Bluetooth connection to a ruggedized tablet PC and assays for bacteria, viruses and toxins identification.

Why specify pBDi?

  • Universal detection for toxins, bacteria and viruses
        Direct identification of up to 6 agents in 20 mins
  • Powerful and simple-to-use ELISA-based technology
        Achieves optimum results with minimum effort
  • Offers a sensitive system for toxins, bacteria and viruses
        pg/ml for toxins, up to 103 CFU/ml for bacteria, 104 PFU/ml for viruses
  • A battery-operated system with a ruggedized tablet PC
        A portable solution for first responder, and other mobile applications
  • Minimum sample preparation required
        Extremely tolerant of variable sample matrices
  • Automated data processing and “Traffic Light” based displays
        Unambiguous interpretation of positive detection events

pBDi – Operating Principles

The detection principle of the pBDi is based on the well established ELISA procedure combined with an electro-chemical readout.

Capture antibodies immobilized on gold electrodes facilitate the specific binding of corresponding biothreat agents. Detection of bound biothreat agents is realized by application of a detector-antibody-enzyme conjugate and measurement of the electrical current of an enzymatic redox reaction.

The detection event is strongly amplified in this system and allows very sensitive biothreat agent detection in approx. 20 minutes. First, the high turnover of enzymatic reaction contributes to the signal amplification and second, a redox cycling procedure built into the experimental procedure, provides a second signal amplification.

The straightforward workflow starts with resuspension of a liquid or solid sample in a supplied sample buffer. The pBDi Test Kits contain optimized reagents to perform multiplex electrochemical ELISA‘s in a stable, easy to use lyophilized format. After fully-automated measurement of a suspicious sample the software pBDi Control performs automatic analysis of results and indicates biothreat agent detection.

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