Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)

APEX4 Software

The next major release of the world´s most popular software package for chemical single crystal diffraction.

APEX4 - Peak Performance, Unparalleled Ease of Use

For good reason, the majority of chemists, crystallographers, and mineralogists around the world count on APEX4 to tackle their most difficult crystallographic challenges.

APEX4 uses world-class algorithms and scientific engines to handle crystallographic challenges including twinning, disorder, modulated structures, etc.  The user-selectable level of automation allows novice users to quickly learn, while experienced crystallographers can take complete control.

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The world’s most powerful crystallographic software package is now also the easiest to learn and use

  • New GUI with selectable automation, easier to learn and use for novices but offering full control for the expert
  • Simplified & Automated Twin handling
  • GPU implementation of RLATT  for faster processing and improved feedback
  • Integrated Database check for CSD, COD and local structures
  • Greatly improved video quality – the best images for todays ever smaller crystals
  • One button installer with auto-update function


Crystallography made easy

See how the atomic structure of a metalorganic compound is solved in only 15 minutes using fully automated data collection, processing and structure refinement.

STRUCTURE NOW is our new plug-in for automated structure determination. It applies the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate structure determination for the user.

Automating processes saves you time and energy, makes your job simpler, and incre ases your productivity and efficiency.

STRUCTURE NOW provides ongoing feedback on the progress of the structure determination process. Smart automation when you want it and instant control whenever you need it.

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