XFlash 6T-60

The Large Solid Angle SDD for TEM Analysis on the nm-Scale and Below
The XFlash 6T-60 detector

The medium active area 60 mm2 chip mounted in a slim-line detector finger provides a large solid angle and high take-off angle. The XFlash® 6T-60 is therefore ideal for applications with relatively low X-ray yield, for instance for atomic resolution spectrometry, experiments where a zone axis must be kept and the sample cannot be tilted, and for beam-sensitive specimens (e.g. graphene, life science). The detector also delivers very good energy resolution with 126 eV at Mn Kα.

In summary, the XFlash® 6T-60 offers the following advantages:

  • Good energy resolution (126 eV at Mn Kα, 51 eV at C Kα and 60 eV at F Kα available)
  • Other available resolution is 129 eV at Mn Kα
  • Extremely high pulse load capability
  • Excellent light element and low energy performance (element range Be - Am)
  • Welded bellows as standard
  • No vibration-generating cooling systems
  • Immediately available after power on
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Low operating cost
  • Small dimensions, including slim-line technology finger
  • Low weight
  • Windowless version available on request

Suggested areas of application for the XFlash® 6T-60 are:

  • Low X-ray yield applications on TEM and STEM, including aberration corrected electron microscopy