Time Resolved Imaging and Mapping during In-Situ Heating and Electrical Biasing Experiments

Add Multiple Dimensions to Understanding Your Samples

OPTIMUS 2 with its new OPTIMUS Vue screen and the new ESPRIT TRM feature represent the perfect, must-have combination of tools for in-situ heating and electrical biasing experiments on electron transparent samples. Acquisition and saving of BF-like images, TKD and EDS maps is automatic and repeated for a user defined duration of time, e.g. duration of specific step or even entire experiment. This new and unique capability facilitates the capture of all important microstructural changes happening during very dynamic experiments like in-situ heating and electrical biasing.


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Elevated temperature transmission Kikuchi diffraction in the SEM

Alice Bastos Fanta; Matteo Todeschini; Andrew Burrows; Henri Jansen; Christian D. Damsgaard; Hossein Alimadadi; Jakob B. Wagner

Materials Characterization Volume 139, May 2018, Pages 452-462

Elevated temperature EDS in STEM

Results are courtesy of Alice Bastos Fanta, DTU Nanolab in Copenhagen, Denmark