Electron Microscope Analyzers

AMICS Automated Mineralogy System for SEM

Automated Rapid Scanning for Mineral and Rock Characterization by SEM

Automate Data Collection and Mineral Matching

Advanced Mineral Analysis and Characterization System

High Speed
BSE and EDS Characterization
Advanced computer vision technology and high-throughput EDS make geologic or materials characterization faster
Detector Flexible
Any Bruker EDS
Use AMICS with the EDS configuration that meets your needs and budget from a single 30 mm² detector to four 60 mm² detectors, or even the FlatQUAD EDS
Large Area Mapping
BSE and Mineral maps
Collect large area mineral maps that integrate BSE images and EDS spectra, and automate multiple sample measurements

The complete system for automated geologic or synthetic material mapping for your scanning electron microscope

Automating characterization workflows with AMICS

AMICS Automated Minerology is more than a software package; it is a fully integrated technology solution for fast and flexible Advanced Mineral Identification and Classification.   

Key Benefits 

  • AMICS can be configured to utilize any configuration of Bruker EDS detectors for your scanning electron microscope. From a single XFlash® 6/30 to four  XFlash® 6/60 EDS detectors, or Bruker’s innovative QUANTAX FlatQUAD EDS!
  • Find the right deployment for your workflow, from high-end field emission SEMs to field-deployed compact or desktop SEMs.  
  • High-speed characterization is enabled with automation of high-throughput EDS and BSE, and high-accuracy stage movement, for advanced segmentation from the BSE image, or grid mapping mode.  
  • Bruker’s proprietary Full Spectrum Whole List (FSWL) matching algorithm provides more accurate non-hierarchical matching and superior discrimination of phases with similar spectral patterns. 
  • The innovative Spectrum Tree allows rapid and robust identification of unmatched spectra enhancing, data processing capabilities and provides a unique tool to differentiate minor differences in phase compositions.  

Is automated minerology right for me?

AMICS automated mineralogy brings together high-resolution BSE with high-throughput EDS for a solution that automates the collection of data from the Scanning Electron Microscope and provides tools for the identification of phases (mineral or synthetic). AMICS is the next generation characterization tool for detailed and quantitative analysis of samples incorporating innovative imaging and analysis. Data is collected in AMICS for SEM in one of two ways:

  1. In segmentation mode AMICS utilizes advanced machine vision technology to segment the BSE image to reduce the total number of EDS data points required to fully characterize a sample. 
  2. In mapping mode AMICS collects EDS data in a grid with custom increments creating pixels that can be less than 1 µm. For textural and statsticial analysis grains and particles are created by combining pixels of the same mineral. BSE image collection and FlatQUAD can be incorporated for the ultimate in mapping analysis.

In both collection modes EDS spectra are matched automatically to a database of reference phases. Further data analysis can be executed offline with an extensive toolkit designed to streamline data reduction workflows:

  • View and edit mineral maps and EDS maps, including large area maps 
  • Employ Spectrum tree for quick and comprehensive classification of spectra 
  • Run particle filtering, touch-up and reclassification algorithms
  • Perform calculations and report data as tables, graphs, and maps
  • AMICS is a comprehensive tool for natural mineral or synthetic material characterization workflows. 
  • Bruker offers advanced application support, training, and applications development to support your deployment. Contact an AMICS expert today for a consultation on your application. 

Technical details

Automate data collection Fully automate EDS with SEM stage and BSE detector collection on full-sized, compact and desktop SEM; tungsten or field emission compatible      
Full EDS compatibility Compatible with any Bruker EDS Generation 5 and 6  
Multi-sample capability Custom sample holders to fit any SEM chamber, analysis and processing of multiple samples                             
Spectrum tree Binning and classification of spectra by BSE and spectral criteria

Large area mapping

Automate the collection of EDS and BSE images over any sample size                                  

Comprehensive mineral database Database with over 2000 mineral phases and software to collect and manage custom phases 


M4 TORNADO AMICS brings together the ultra-fast high resolution elemental distribution analysis of the Bruker's M4 TORNADO spectrometer and the powerful mineral identification and classification software of AMICS. The M4 TORNADO is a large-chamber fast-mapping micro-XRF with a spot size < 20 µm. Micro-XRF provides the advantage of X-ray mapping of large samples in a low-vacuum environment with a minimum of sample preparation. M4 TORNADO AMICS is ideally situated as a tool for characterization of large grain-size samples and as a tool for down-selecting samples for SEM analysis; for example, from drill-core.