Portable XRF Spectrometers


Portable Benchtop/CounterTop XRF Analyzer

Stand-Alone Device

Operation possible with or without PC

Up to 48 elements analyzed, wide elemental range, from Magnesium to Uranium.
Safety Interlocks
Sample sensor & closed lid sensor.
CTX is lightweight and truly field portable.

Elemental Analysis with Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

The portable Counter Top XRF (CTX) is small, light-weight, safety-interlocked, and battery operated. At 7 kilograms in weight, the self-contained CTX is truly portable, and has a small footprint of only 14 cm in width. Up to 48 elements analyzed per calibration. Wide elemental range, from Mg to U.

Other innovative features include:

  • Latest graphene window SDD detector for excellent light element sensitivity
  • Patented DetectorShield™ for long term performance and minimal service
  • New powerful X-ray source with precise SharpBeam™ collimator
  • High speed pulse processing electronics
  • Consistent sample presentation with index markings for better precision

CTX Benefits at a Glance:

  • Wide application and elemental Range (Mg - U)
  • Detects concentrations from part per million (ppm) to 100%
  • Robust, splash and dust proof stainless steel construction
  • Dual safety interlocked piece of mind
  • Very small footprint: 14 x 25 cm


Applications of XRF using the Portable, Benchtop CTX

Near Real-Time Process Monitoring of Steel Production

The high-accuracy, rugged design, and portable nature of the CTX make it ideal for use in harsh environments such as on the steelmaking floor. 

The CTX can be used to analyze the elemental composition of the slag formed during the steelmaking process. The slag's composition, and how it changes over time, is a strong indicator of how efficiently the steelmaking process is running and how pure the resulting steel will be. Compositional analysis of slag via XRF provides often comparable results to conventional lab-based methods without the need to wait.

The CTX can be placed near the furnace for the near-real time elemental analysis of slag, allowing for in-process optimization and the consistent production of higher quality steel. 

Steelworker taking a slag sample for analysis from the blast furnace.

CTX Specifications

Size / Weight

Lightweight: 7.1 kg with battery

Very compact ( WxDxH) : 13.5 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm  

Excitation Source

Model 800: 50kV, 4W, Rh-target

Model 500: 40kV, 2W, Rh-target

Model 500S: 29kV, 2W, Rh-target

Detector SDD detector with graphene window, detector shield

Typical resolution < 145eV @ 450,000cps
Sample Chamber

Safety interlocked

Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 12 cm c 13.5 cm x 8.5 cm

Elemental Range

Model 800/500S: Mg-U

Model 500: Cl-U