Networking Software


ONET Software

Administration of Spectrometer Networks

The ONET software is a server application accessed via a browser-based web interface (WebUI), allowing to set up, administrate and control a network of FT-IR and FT-NIR instruments from anywhere in the world.

All data measured on local spectrometers are centrally stored. Nevertheless, all data and required files are still available locally, which allows the analysis of samples at any time even when the network is temporarily disconnected.

  • Efficient remote support
  • Utilization of centralized expertise
  • Full control of local setup
  • Simplified local workflows
  • Cost savings by ensuring system integrity

Infrared spectroscopy has become extremely important for quality control tasks due to its ease of use for routine operators. Method development and the management of large spectrometer pools can however be challenging. With the continuous demands for cost savings, it is virtually impossible to have NIR expertise in every single laboratory or production site. Therefore the need for a central administration, method development and system maintenance is essential.

With ONET, all methods can be centrally set up and adapted, reducing the need for local expertise and training. Procedures and results are harmonized and based on the same setup and calibrations. Audit trails guarantee the full transparency of products, methods and operator interactions, assuring the integrity of the data at all times.

Calibration updates can be rolled out to all instruments inside the company network or specific versions can be assigned to a limited number of spectrometers. This enables the creation of a global instrument network, where local adjustments can be done if required.

The instrument performance can be monitored remotely at all times, and system tests can be defined and carried out according to scheduled routines.

Key Features:

  • Global user management for ONET and OPUS
  • Global and local ONET Admins can share responsibility for assigned instruments
  • Product versions allow gradual adjustment for specific local needs
  • Monitoring of local instrument status and performance
  • Central data pooling and access
  • LIMS connection to central data base
  • Complete audit trail logging of all activities
  • 24h timeout for maintenance/service



  • Automatic method protection for a specific instrument and period of time
  • Management and automatic installation of OPUS and ONET client updates via ONET
  • Assignment of reference values
  • Download of spectra



  • Full control of all instruments by centralized specialists
  • Effective remote support reduces travel expenses
  • Harmonized calibration development and central validation ensure reliable results
  • Operating instruments no longer depends on local expertise
  • Software complexity at instrument level is reduced
  • Centralized result storage enables a global view on operations from raw materials to finished products
  • Trend charts provide a fast and easy way to monitor the performance of a product


Technical Info:

ONET synchronizes locally acquired data, stored in the local databases with the central database on a server.


The ONET solution consists of:

  • an ONET application on a centralized server
  • a centralized SQL database
  • local ONET clients on spectrometer PC



Supported spectrometer systems:

Supported languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish

The number of clients in the network is only limited by the performance of the server and the network data transfer rate.

Reference values can be assigned and modified in the Spectra tab. Downloading spectra files is also possible from this table.