Ultra-High Energy Resolution Monochromated EELS STEM


  • Better than 5 meV energy resolution
  • High brightness cold field emission gun (CFEG)
  • Dispersing-undispersing monochromator
  • Open-source Python-powered control software
  • UHV construction
  • Ultra-stable Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) with direct-detection option
S(q, w) diagram of phonon dispersion curves in hexagonal Boron Nitride at two different temperatures (parallel acquisition)

Nion HERMES Specifications

Feature Benefit
< 5 meV energy resolution at 30 kV (< 6 meV at 60 kV) Resolve fine differences in EELS spectral edges
Large energy range of up to 2 keV at 200 kV Collect all elements in one EELS spectrum
Correction of all fifth-order axial aberrations Larger probe angles, higher beam current
Every operation can be performed remotely Remote operation with no local assistance
Friction-free, centro-symmetric sample stage Ultra-precise sample motion, freedom from drift
Double tilt sample holder using ball bearings Backlash-free, ultra-precise tilting
Fast electrostatic beam blanker Avoids sample damage when not collecting data
5th-order-corrected EELS optics >50 mr acceptance semi-angles, more efficient analysis
Microscope column is entirely ion-pumped Minimizes sample contamination and etching
Column uses only metal vacuum seals Sample vacuum typically <1x10-9 torr
Whole column bakeable to 140°C Minimizes sensitivity to stray AC fields
Double μ-metal shielding of entire column Column can be reconfigured after installation
Self-diagnosing electronics Rapid remote servicing

Service & Support