Nanomechanical Testing

Sample Chucks

Sample mounting chucks for every application

Rapid, rigid and reliable sample mounting

Versa Chuck

Rigid sample mounting is critical for reliable and repeatable nanomechanical and nanotribological testing. Bruker offers the widest range of sample chucks to reliably mount a diverse range of sample types and geometries. Chucks designed for dedicated applications to central lab facilities incorporate magnetic, vacuum, and mechanical clamping options to secure almost any material in any form without the need for adhesives.

300mm Wafer

Full Wafer Characterization

Bruker has developed multiple vacuum chucks to enable testing of full 150mm and 300mm processed wafers without the need for dicing. Every Hysitron vacuum sample stage is machined from non-magnetic stainless steel to tight tolerances in order to ensure uniform vacuum pressure under the entire wafer. Each stage has a series of independently operated concentric circles, allowing wafers of any size to be tested up to the maximum allowed by the vacuum stage.