Multi-Compound Gases

Bruker develops sustainable and robust solutions for the analysis of all types of gases and gas mixtures. The goal of our products is simple: to combine reliability and precision to detect even the smallest traces of gas compounds without spending a lot of time and money.

Analysis of High-Purity Gases with FT-IR

Even the smallest traces of impurities in a gas can have severe impacts in certain applications. For example, for the aviators breathing oxygen or for the hydrogen of hydrogen-fueled vehicles it is indispensable to fulfill well defined high purity standards.

Infrared spectroscopy can identify and quantify impurities even in the ppb range and is therefore the perfect solution to monitor the purity of your target gas.

Quantification of Complex Gas Mixtures by Infrared Spectroscopy

The quantification of complex gas mixtures consisting of compounds in very different concentration ranges from sub-ppm levels up to several volume percent can be a very challenging task.

As nearly every gas compound shows a unique fingerprint in the infrared spectral range, infrared spectroscopy can break-down the composition even of such complex gas mixtures.