Recent Advancements in Infrared Nano-imaging with Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy

Learn how s-SNOM advances understanding of the functional properties of materials

Origins of Emergent Function and How Function is More than a Sum of the Parts

Learn more about the use of s-SNOM to unravel chemical heterogeneity effecting functional properties in materials due to complex inter- and intra-molecular coupling of heterogeneous phases. 

Webinar Summary

This webinar introduces scattering scanning nearfield optical microscopy (s-SNOM), which provides information about the complex optical properties of the nanoscale region of a sample under a metallized tip that nanofocuses optical radiation. Recent developments in novel methods, advanced light sources, and refined instrumentation have made s-SNOM more valuable and accessible.

Capabilities for s-SNOM are available on Bruker’s nanoIR3-s and nanoIR3-s Broadband platforms, and the technique itself was developed in collaboration with the webinar’s guest speaker, Professor Markus Raschke, Dept. of Physics/JILA, University of Colorado.

After a thorough and illustrative introduction to the method, Prof. Raschke presents his research efforts towards using s-SNOM, this new dimension in optical nanoprobe imaging, to access the functional properties of materials and systems including electronic materials, energy materials, nano-biomaterials, quantum systems, and more.

Following Prof. Raschke’s comprehensive presentation, he answers questions from the audience covering topics from the maximum sensitivity level of s-SNOM to the use of complementary AFM techniques with s-SNOM. 

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Dr. Markus Raschke

Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, JILA, University of Colorado

Dr. Honghua Yang

Staff Engineer

Dr. Qichi Hu

Senior Applications Scientist

Dean Dawson, Senior Director, Business Manager - nanoIR, Bruker Nano