Recent Advancements in Infrared Nano-imaging with Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy

Learn how s-SNOM advances understanding of the functional properties of materials

Origins of Emergent Function and How Function is More than a Sum of the Parts

Learn more about the use of s-SNOM to unravel chemical heterogeneity effecting functional properties in materials due to complex inter- and intra-molecular coupling of heterogeneous phases. 

Webinar Summary

This webinar introduces scattering scanning nearfield optical microscopy (s-SNOM), which provides information about the complex optical properties of the nanoscale region of a sample under a metallized tip that nanofocuses optical radiation. Recent developments in novel methods, advanced light sources, and refined instrumentation have made s-SNOM more valuable and accessible.

Capabilities for s-SNOM are available on Bruker’s nanoIR3-s and nanoIR3-s Broadband platforms, and the technique itself was developed in collaboration with the webinar’s guest speaker, Professor Markus Raschke, Dept. of Physics/JILA, University of Colorado.

After a thorough and illustrative introduction to the method, Prof. Raschke presents his research efforts towards using s-SNOM, this new dimension in optical nanoprobe imaging, to access the functional properties of materials and systems including electronic materials, energy materials, nano-biomaterials, quantum systems, and more.

Following Prof. Raschke’s comprehensive presentation, he answers questions from the audience covering topics from the maximum sensitivity level of s-SNOM to the use of complementary AFM techniques with s-SNOM. 

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Dr. Markus Raschke

Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, JILA, University of Colorado

Dr. Honghua Yang

Staff Engineer

Dr. Qichi Hu, Senior Applications Scientist

Qichi is currently a Senior Staff Applications Scientist at Bruker Nano. He received a bachelor’s degree from Peking University and Ph.D. from University of British Columbia. He then did postdocs in U.S. university and national labs. Qichi has been working on nanoIR development and applications for over a decade, at Anasys and now at Bruker.

Dean Dawson, Senior Director, Business Manager - nanoIR, Bruker Nano