Applied Comparison in Coating Analysis – Micro-XRF and Handheld XRF

Applied Comparison in Coating Analysis – Micro-XRF and Handheld XRF

X-ray Fluorescence
This webinar took place on July 05th 2017

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The range of application in coating analysis covers Automotive, Electronics, Jewelry and General Metal Finishing. Within these industries the analytical challenges partially differs a lot and must be considered for selecting the right solution. A thorough understanding of thickness and composition of coatings is critical to optimize the coating process and ensure that coating has intended functionality.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a versatile tool for coatings quality control as it can be used to analyze both coating thickness and the composition of coatings and bulk materials. Bruker offers a variety of different XRF instruments to meet different coatings analysis requirements.

This webinar will discuss the measurements of coatings using the Bruker M1 MISTRAL Micro-XRF spectrometer and Bruker S1 TITAN handheld XRF analyzer. Micro-XRF and handheld XRF are complementary coating analysis techniques which both provide some unique benefits. You will learn how to perform a straightforward, automated analysis using the programmable sample stage with Micro-XRF and how the handheld XRF can help to perform quick and non-destructive on-site measurements of large specimens or at difficult-to-reach locations.

There will be a 15 minute Q&A session where our experts will answer your questions.

Who should attend?

  • Quality control departments for production processes in Automotive, Electronics, Jewelry and General Metal Finishing
  • Testing Labs for on-demand analytics in the industries above
  • Decision makers for XRF Equipment purchase


Falk Reinhardt
Application Scientist Micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics
Robert Erler
Product Manager Micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics
Tim Heek
Service and Application Engineer, Bruker Nano Analytics