Micro-XRF Spectrometers


Large Area micro-XRF Scanner in High Definition

Mobile Elemental Analysis

Ultra-Fast Mapping

SDD size
Dual silicon drift detector option for fastest acquisition
Scannable surface
Mapping larger samples in one run
Adjustable spot size
The spot size can be adjusted in five steps to match the structure of the sample

State of the Art in Large Area micro-XRF

Micro-XRF on large samples (also called macro-XRF or MA-XRF) has become a decisive method for the analysis of paintings, geological samples, archeological artifacts and industrial components. The M6 JETSTREAM drives these analyses to the highest speed and accuracy. With its mobile wheelbase and adjustable frame, the M6 JETSTREAM can be used on-site instead of transporting the sample to the lab.

  • Measurement of upright samples or horizontal surfaces
  • Scannable area up to 800 x 600 mm²
  • "On the fly" analysis for highest mapping speed
  • Adjustable spot size to match the structure of the sample
  • XFlash® SDD technology with up to 2 x 60 mm² detector area
  • Optional aperture management system (AMS) to gain depth of focus on uneven surfaces

What Can You Expect from the M6 JETSTREAM?

Micro-XRF Study of the Troodontid Dinosaur Jianianhualong Tengi Reveals New Biological and Taphonomical Signals, Jinhua Li et. al, Atomic Spectroscopy 2021 42(1)
  • Get spatially resolved information about the elemental distribution of almost any surface
  • Record data over large areas in one run
  • Combine high-resolution optical images with a full spectrum per pixel in one HyperMap dataset
  • Process data and extract object spectra , line scans and chemical phases from maps 
  • Quantify spectra using standardless Fundamental Parameter (FP) methods
  • Reduce cost and time by avoiding logistics and ensuring security of valuable objects
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Technical details

Up to 100 mm/s stage speed Mapping can be conducted "on the fly" with dwell times down to 1 ms per pixel  


30mm² or 60mm² SDDs with ≤145 eV The M6 JETSTREAM can be equipped with different Bruker XFlash® detectors, all specified with ≤145 eV at Mn Kα  


±10° tilt in vertical measurement mode In addition to the 90° tilt between horizontal and vertical measurement, the rig can be tilted in fine steps to adjust to inclined surfaces