Membran Proteins
Membran Proteins
Structural Biology

Membrane Proteins

Bruker's suite of easy-to-use solutions provide results essential for the success in today’s membrane protein research.

Understanding cell communication

The membranes found in all cells are crucial to life’s processes as they partition the cell into different volumes and provide communication between them. Many protein complexes, found in cellular membranes, are involved in key processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, protein production, and cellular signaling. Consequently, many of medicine’s most important drug targets are to be found in cell membranes. All-over-the-world benefit Bruker’s instrumentation helps scientist gaining a better understanding of the involved processes – faster.

Super-bright microfocus X-ray sources and photon counting detectors have enabled in-house membrane proteins research. The excellent data quality achieved with our SC-XRD In-house instrumentation allows even to solve the structures of membrane proteins, making synchrotron beam time obsolete or permit membrane protein research in areas where synchrotron access is less convenient or even impossible.

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