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A place where NMR and EPR users unite to share knowledge, inspire each other, and shape the future of Magnetic Resonance together

Are you ready to unlock the power of MR?

If you're an MR enthusiast of any level, then this is the perfect place to learn, share, and teach about NMR and EPR.

In this supportive and engaging environment for learning and growth, you will have the chance to connect with other NMR and EPR users from all around the world, sharing ideas, information, and expanding your knowledge and skillset in these exciting field.

Our EduLab protocols provide students with the opportunity to run experiments while taking practical courses at the university. Each EduLab comes with a comprehensive instructor's guide, so even supervisors without expertise can teach these experiments with confidence.

If you want to share your experiences with NMR or EPR spectroscopy in a way that promotes engagement and inspiration for students, then we warmly invite you to submit your own EduLabs for others to use. Each EduLab should be tagged with an exclusive hashtag and #educate2resonate for easy sharing on social media, to ensure users can quickly find one another to chat, ask questions, and share tips and tricks!

Our goal is to assist you in fully understanding and appreciating the incredible potential of MR and its role in shaping the future of science and technology. We look forward to you joining us and being part of a vibrant community of like-minded people!

Let's start resonating!

NMR EduLabs for Students and Instructors

Mixing it Up with NMR

Mixture Analysis of Cocktails

Munching on Sweets

The monitoring of catalytic hydrolysis of sucrose via invertase through benchtop NMR

NMR Gives You Wings

Analysis of Red Bull Energy Drink

The Caffeine Kick

NMR Analysis of Coffee

Milky Way to NMR

NMR Analysis of Milk

Brewing Alcohol 101

A Toast to Benchtop NMR

EPR EduLabs for Students and Instructors


EPR of Dark Chocolate

EPR Guide to Beer Freshness

EPR of Beer

TEMPO-tations in the Kitchen: Discovering Antioxidants in Olive Oil

EPR of Antioxidants in Olive Oil

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Below find our guidelines for submitting your own EduLabs

How to participate in the EduLab program:

  • Please fill in the contact request form to receive the EduLab protocol template
  • Follow the instructions in the document and fill-in the experiment template
  • Once complete, send it back to the email address educate2resonate.bbio@bruker.com
  • Bruker will review the content for accuracy and provide guidance as needed
  • Once reviewed, Bruker will format the document into a PDF and send it back for your personal use
  • After final confirmation from the author, the completed protocol will be published on Bruker social media channels using the hashtag #educate2resonate and the hashtag of your experiment

Author guidelines

  • We have provided prompts in the template for guidance
  • Ensure that all necessary sections of the template are addressed and completed
  • It is recommended that any materials used, including samples, are readily and easily available for most academic laboratories. In case, you use a strongly modified or completely customized parameter set, consider sharing it with the community. This is done directly through you, not through Bruker
  • Please make sure to add all references wherever necessary

By providing your name, email address, affiliation, and optionally a picture, you grant us the right to use this information on our website and social media platforms for the purpose of showcasing the work through our EduLab program. By submitting your information, you agree and consent.

For any question, please do not hesitate to contact educate2resonate.bbio@bruker.com