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Mechanoadaptation and Characterization of Biological Tissues

Gain new insight into the latest research using Bruker BioAFMs and the related capabilities of the NanoWizard V AFM
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Mechanoscharacterization of Healthy, Osteoarthritic, and Inflamed Chondrocytes

Presented by Prof. Nehal Abu-Lail Associate, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering University of Texas in San Antonio (May 10, 2022)


The on-demand recording of this presentation will be available after the publication of the featured research. Follow us on Twitter at @BrukerNano and on LinkedIn for more information and updates and visit Dr. Nehal's website to learn more about her research.

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Live Demo: NanoWizard 5

(May 10, 2022)


  • [00:00:00] System & Experiment Set-Up
  • [00:08:36] Acquiring Data
  • [00:14:39] Additional Features of the NanoWizard 5
  • [00:28:15] Q&A
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Universal and Tissue-Specific Strategies in Mechanodaptation

Presented by Yekaterina Miroshnikova, Ph.D,. HiLIFE, University of Helsinki, Helsinki Finland Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging, Cologne Germany (May 10, 2022)


  • [00:00:00] Introduction & Background
  • [00:04:33] Impact of Topology and Mechanics on Cell Fate
  • [00:12:50] Model of Epidermal Self-Renewal and Homeostasis
  • [00:14:15] How Aging Associates with Stem Cell Control
  • [00:23:11] Model of Mechanics Driven Stem Cell State
  • [00:27:20] Conclusion & Acknowledgments
  • [00:28:52] Q/A with Dr. Yekaterina Miroshnikova