ESPRIT Imaging

A Variety of Imaging Options – from Simple Image Acquisition to Fully Featured Image Processing
Image acquisition mode with scan preview window


Image acquisition software supporting instruments with an external scan system:

  • External electron beam control, mode switching, and image acquisition for SEM, STEM and EPMA
  • Drivers for IO-Scan and SEMLink
  • High quality, high resolution digital images from selectable analog signal sources (SE, BSE, HAADF, etc.)
  • Fast preview mode for scan area selection and beam adjustment
  • Independent selection of acquisition time, image resolution and scan modes
  • Pixel, line and frame averaging including power line synchronization (option)
  • Automatic and manual brightness, contrast and gamma correction
  • Display of histogram
  • µ-marker and image legend display including configuration options

ESPRIT ColorScan

Acquisition of X-ray enhanced color images:

  • Instant color images without element preselection or presetting of X-ray ranges
  • Intuitive discrimination of phases by different colors and shades in high resolution electron images
  • Impressive combination of topological and chemical contrast
  • Easy searching for points and regions of interest
  • Highlighting of particles, artifacts, or unique regions on sample surface
  • Search for homogeneous regions for exact analysis results
  • Progressive scan with improving image quality
  • Optimally suited for high-speed XFlash® detector systems


Processed and labeled image


Digital image processing:

  • Choice of configurable image filters including binarization and inversion
  • Brightness, contrast and gamma correction
  • False color display
  • B/W and color image processing
  • Overlay image for markers, legends and user defined graphics
  • Interactive length, area, and angle measurements with data presentation in graphical overlays
  • Multi-stage image processing including internal image storage and multiple “undo” functionality
  • Image import and export in all common graphic formats
  • Twain export and windows clipboard supported


ESPRIT Stereo Vision

3D image visualization and measurement:

  • 3D surface topology reconstruction from an stereoscopic image pair
  • Free choice of tilt axis including asymmetric tilt facilitates image acquisition with standard SEMs
  • Adaptive image comparison modes (anaglyphs, difference image, and full frame correlation)
  • Single point depth calculation, line profiles, and multipoint operation
  • Powerful 3D result visualization by wire grids, shading, artificial texture, or displacement vectors
  • Fully reprocessable project data bases including original data, results, and settings



ESPRIT DriftCorr

  • Compensates the image shift of the scanned specimen area by comparing the current image with the image acquired when starting the measurement
  • Automatically corrects the external scan generator during acquisition
  • Shows the current and the maximum shift value as well as the quality of the comparison process
  • Stops the measurement when the maximum correction value is exceeded
  • Works in combination with image acquisition functions and the options MultiPoint, Objects, LineScan, Map and HyperMap