TXRF Spectrometers


High Performance TXRF Spectrometer for Ultra-Trace Element Analysis

Rapid and Cost-Efficient

Versatile Direct Analysis

S4 T-STAR TXRF, Rapid and Cost-Efficient spectrometer

Faits marquants

Limit of detection
Outstanding microanalytical performance
Process time
No digestion, no calibration required, direct analysis with results on the spot
Samples capacity
Designed for multi-user operation and 24/7 routine with guaranteed data quality

Rapid and Cost-efficient TXRF - an Alternative to ICP

The S4 T-STAR® is a versatile tool for the analysis of a broad range of sample types including suspensions, powders, nanoparticles or films. This puts it ahead of ICP, which requires fully dissolved liquid samples.

  • The  TXRF spectrometer S4 T-STAR® offers lowest detection limits in the sub-ppb range.
  •  TXRF offers lowest operation costs and does not require, gases, media or sophisticated lab infrastructures.
  • The automatic quality control feature provides confidence in data and instrument quality.
  • The system is optimized for 24/7 operation in industrial routine analysis.
  • Bruker's wide selection of sample trays and tools accelerates sample preparation and minimizes errors and contamination risks.
S4 T-STAR - New Standards in TXRF Benchtop Spectrometry


Analytical Challenges in Pharma, Medical and Environmental Research?

  • The S4 T-STAR® provides a powerful solution for water, effluent, air and soil analysis for the recovery of a healthy environment; for example, environmental monitoring by direct measurement of contaminants in wastewater, slurries and effluents in the low ppb range.
  • The TXRF spectrometer accelerates biomedical research for tomorrow’s healthy society. New insights into the development of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are based on a deeper knowledge of the function of essential and toxic metals.
  • The S4 T-STAR® measures catalyzer elements in pharmaceutical research according to the values given by US and EU Pharmacopeia guidelines; for example, detection of sub-ppm catalyzer elements in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and additives. 
  • TXRF is a powerful technology for food fraud prevention in globalized supply chains; for example, food safety according to FAO/WHO standards. 


Technical details

Automatic QC Procedure


  • S4 T-STAR starts QC routines automatically.
  • Integrated QA samples allow stability and sensitivity checks.            
Easyload™ Sample Station
  • Dedicated trays for different sample types are available
  • Trays are automatically recognized when inserted                    

High Sample Capacity

  • The S4 T-STAR offers a high capacity of up to 90 sample discs.
  • Supports automated batch processing for efficient measurements overnight
  • Designed for multi-user operation, can be loaded with up to 10 sample trays
  • Loading and unloading while the instrument is measuring another sample                  
Well-Designed Storage Solution
  • Trays can be stored in stackable boxes
  • Contamination prevention of the sample carriers
  • The bottom plate includes center markings for direct sample pipetting

Convenient Sample Control and Archiving


  • Control the quality of your sample with a CCD camera.
  • Sample images are automatically archived for subsequent review.