The neofleX™ is a novel benchtop axial TOF/TOF designed for speed and flexibility within a small footprint for driving translational context for MALDI Imaging and beyond.

Contextualizing molecular expression

Speed and versatility

Inspired innovation for axial TOF mass spectrometry

An ecosystem of consumables and software
More insight per pixel for contextualizing tissue biology
Enhanced speed and and performance in flexible MALDI workflows
Multiomic spatial biology applications from one slide
MALDI Imaging Features

Record breaking simultaneous imaging of 116 antibody probes

By leveraging MALDI Imaging add depth to the multiomic information from a single tissue section. Push your spatial biology further to understand the complex ecosystem of the tumor microenvironment. Ultimately, transform molecular pathway awareness into disease related insights with MALDI HiPLEX-IHC and other multiomic measurements from one tissue sample combined in a single software solution.

Our spatial biology toolkit empowers you to identify targets using disease specific HiPLEX experiments to assess target engagement effects. A groundbreaking 116-plex MALDI HiPLEX-IHC experiment with 30 µm spatial resolution was collected in 7 hours on squamous cell carcinoma. Comprehensive protein analysis enables differentiation of control tissue from small cell lung cancer types. 

Sample courtesy of Mengze Stettler-Zhang and Bernd Bodenmiller, Ph.D., Professor, ETH Zurich, University of Zurich

neofleX presents an incredibly versatile opportunity in ease-of-use for entry-level researchers wanting to expand their biomedical applications.

Carsten Hopf, Ph.D., Professor, Head of CeMOS - Center for Mass Spectrometry and Optical Spectroscopy, M2Aind Industry Consortium, Mannheim, Germany

MALDI Imaging Features

More Insight Per Pixel

The neofleX™ Imaging Profiler empowers researchers to dig deeper into the molecular expression profiles of tissue, accelerating translational research.

  • Time to Image – automated setup and image import provides ease of use for curated assays
  • Time to Insight – from simplified viewing of key targets to advanced software for multimodal integration and statistical evaluation, SCiLS™ provides options for every user
SCiLS™ Scope makes data transfer easy with automated import and viewing as OME-TIFF 

From the perspective of a lab heavily invested in cellular signaling processes involved with cancer, MALDI HiPLEX-IHC is a game changer allowing integration of mass spectrometry imaging with cell biology.

Peggi Angel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA

MALDI MS/MS Features

Leverage speed and versatility for essential modalities

neofleX™ MALDI-TOF/TOF combines fast analysis speed with ease of operation, and provides a revolutionary new level of benchtop instrument performance.

  • Time to Results – Ease of operation and data interpretation enable instant result delivery for a broad range of analytes and applications
  • Turnkey Solutions – Simple and fast methods for biologics characterization, including MALDI top-down sequencing, reaction screening, impurity analysis, and identity assays
  • Beyond Mass Limits - Unique high-mass capabilities for direct analysis of large and heterogeneous proteins, e.g. PEGylated and fusion proteins
OmniScape™ software simplifies MALDI-TDS data interpretation by offering turnkey workflows for confirmation and de novo analysis. 
MALDI MS/MS Applications

Accelerating biologics development

Sequence verification of NIST mAB light chain by MALDI-TDS. Data analysis using the Confirmation workflow featured in Bruker OmniScape™ software requires only few mouseclicks and provides confident sequence confirmation at unparalleled coverage with shortest time to result.

Instant decision making is of critical importance in biopharma. Fast MALDI analysis speed and short time to result offer unique potential for accelerating the biologics development process at various stages.

MALDI Top-Down Sequencing (MALDI-TDS) provides instant information regarding primary sequence, terminal status and near-terminal modifications of pharmaceutical proteins, and has a long history of success in the characterization of therapeutic antibodies, PEGylated proteins, antigens and other modalities.

MALDI-TDS brings unique advantages to particularly challenging analyses, for example sequencing of hydrophobic small membrane proteins, which are often overlooked in proteomics studies, but, nevertheless, represent unique drug targets.

neofleX™ is the perfect tool to provide instant answers to urgent questions in routine applications requiring higher throughput. When integrated with Bruker's BioPharma Compass® software solution, it's never been easier to generate fast and meaningful QC results for a broad spectrum of biomolecules including synthetic peptides, intact or digested proteins, glycans, DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. 

Automated batch QC analysis of synthetic peptides from a 384 microtiter plate using the multi-attribute monitoring (MAM) data analysis workflow in BioPharma Compass® software. 

neofleX™ MALDI-TOF/TOF redefines the meaning of benchtop MS/MS performance. Its newly developed TOF/TOF technology helps reveal structural details, such as modifications or mutations in proteins, which play a vital role in biological pathways, and are key factors to the quality, safety and efficacy of protein drugs.

MALDI-MS/MS spectra of amyloid beta peptide [1-40] (left) and NIST mAB N-glycopeptide EEQYNSTYR/G1F (right). Data analysis was performed in BioPharma Compass® software. 

A complete MALDI Imaging workflow driven by SCiLS™ autopilot 

SCiLS® autopilot provides an automated workflow to facilitate sample tracking and imaging run setup and optimization. No experts needed as instrument parameters are optimized ensuring run-to-run reproducibility and readiness. Datafiles from neofleX™ are portable OME-TIFF format for effortless collaboration.

Software driven solutions for MALDI characterization

BioPharma Compass® to simplify routine workflows through automation to increase productivity.

OmniScape™ provides a comprehensive suite for the analysis of top-down data, including de novo protein ID and validation tools for PTM localization.

MALDI Imaging consumables to start right

IntelliSlides®: Maximize insight per pixel with intelligent slide technology 

Bruker’s IntelliSlides® are the perfect tool for SpatialOMx®. They simplify your MALDI Imaging workflows by enabling automated setup of each measurement and via barcoding and permanent inscriptions on the conductive slide surface for optimal placement of samples and registration marks (teach marks) for imaging.  

fleXmatrix® – The key to success in MALDI MS analyses 

fleXmatrix® pre-portioned vials simplify matrix solution preparation for MALDI Imaging, especially for standard spraying or sublimation methods. This ensures consistency and saves time in your workflow.  

Trusted MALDI consumables for measurement without compromise

AnchorChip Target Technology – Simplify sample preparation and improve reproducibility 

Sample positions on patented Bruker AnchorChip targets contain “anchors” – hydrophilic patches surrounded by a hydrophobic ring. The “anchor” localizes droplets and ensures that every single laser shot fired throughout an automatic run will hit a sample spot.

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