AFM Modes

PeakForce KPFM

Industry-leading spatial resolution and artifact-free potential contrast

PeakForce KPFM™ improves measurement performance over traditional KPFM techniques by providing the highest spatial resolution and most accurate measurements of surface potential. These improvements have been achieved with the combination of new PeakForce Tapping® mode, scan algorithms and Bruker’s unique in-house probe developments.

Uniquely, PeakForce KPFM provides the most accurate probe-to-probe surface potential measurements, enabling consistent measurements across different material types. It can be used with PeakForce Tapping QNM® to deliver simultaneous, highly correlated nanoscale topography, electrical and mechanical property mapping on a wide range of samples. PeakForce KPFM also has overcome the significant ease-of-use issues of traditional KPFM techniques by operating in ScanAsyst® mode, enabling the acquisition of expert-quality data by users of all experience levels.

PeakForce KPFM delivers:

  • Most accurate, repeatable, and sensitive work function measurements
  • Leading-edge spatial resolution combined with artifact-free potential contrast
  • Correlated quantitative nanomechanical property mapping


PeakForce KPFM potential map of MDMO-PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cell on an ITO substrate in dark (bottom half) and under illumination with an intensity equivalent to 300 suns (top half). (Sample courtesy of Dr. Philippe Leclere, University of Mons.)