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Vutara 352 Super Resolution Microscope

Une solution complète pour la super résolution au niveau nanoscopique

DNA PAINT microtubules

Vutara’s SRX software package provides sophisticated real-time localization imaging and visualization tools to bring your results to life, and the Quantitative Localization Microscopy (QLM) analysis suite puts information at your fingertips.

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Single-Molecule Imaging Far from the Cover Slip

The Vutara VXL is capable of imaging far from the surface of the coverslip to accommodate a wide range of sample types. Thanks to the proprietary biplane technology, the Vutara VXL with the SRX software can perform single-molecule localization microscopy on more sample types than any other commercial single-molecule localization microscope available. Making cultured cells, cell colonies, tissue sections, and entire model organisms accessible for your single-molecule localization experiments.

Biplane imaging with up to 100 micron illumination depth

The Vutara VXL Genomics Workstation

The Vutara VXL with integrated fluidics and SRX software has been designed with multiplexed 3D genomics, including chromatin and RNA imaging in mind.

Sequential labeling with microfluidics allows a large number of targets to be imaged, including multiplexed genome imaging (oligoPAINT, oligoSTORM), multiplexed protein imaging (PAINT, DNA-PAINT) and multiplexed RNA imaging (smFISH, seqFISH, Optical reconstruction of chromatin architecture (ORCA)).

Fluidics unit available as a standalone option with existing microscopes or with full integration using the Vutara VXL and SRX software.

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