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Capturing Biological Dynamics with Ease

Fast scan speeds and superior AFM ease of use for life science

The Dimension FastScan Bio™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) breaks longstanding barriers to provide routine high-resolution research of biological dynamics, with temporal resolution up to 3 frames per second for live sample observations. Furthermore, it does this while making the AFM easier to use than ever before.

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Opterra II Live-Cell Imaging

These breakthroughs allow many more researchers to observe and study the mechanisms biomolecular machines utilize to perform their biological functions. FastScan Bio’s high-resolution and high-speed scanning provide the best available bio tool for the observation of molecules, proteins, DNA, RNA, living cell membranes and tissues, and many other dynamics studies. 

  • Providing world's fastest and highest resolution biological AFM imaging
  • Measuring biological dynamics in real-time with molecular resolution
  • Enabling the most intuitive atomic force microscopy for biological imaging
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