Competitive Edge with FT-NIR Spectroscopy

FT-NIR spectroscopy is today well established for quality control applications in all industries, including the pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and chemical sector.

It offers a practical alternative to the time-consuming, wet chemical methods and chromatographic techniques. FT-NIR is non-destructive, requiring no sample preparation or hazardous chemicals, making it quick and reliable for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

FT-NIR is ideal for rapid raw material identification and is also a powerful analysis tool capable of accurate multi-component quantitative analysis.


Its online capabilities based on fibre optic probe technologies allow a deep look into the process.

Bruker's FT-NIR product line includes TANGO and MPA II spectrometers for lab and at-line applications as well as the MATRIX-F series for process control and the TANDEM spectrometer for online tablet testing.