Raman Microscopy

Raman Microscopes

Discover our Raman microscopes engineered for precision, performance, and reliability and elevate your Raman application to the next level.

Making Raman microscopy faster, better, and more reliable

Raman microscopy led a niche existence and was mainly involved in research and development tasks. We believe that by implementing smart software and AI-based evaluation methods Raman microscopes and their applications are finally able to enter the mainstream. That's why Bruker Raman instruments feature phenomenally simple control, high precision and performance, so that even beginners can quickly and reliably access high-quality Raman analysis results - everytime.

Get the most out of your Raman microscope

Unparalleled Flexibility
There’s no one best set up for Raman, as different samples and experiments require different lasers and techniques. That’s why our microscopes can house up four lasers in one machine. Whether you need a streamlined chemical analysis experience, or the ability to do 3D chemical imaging, you’ll have the options you need to take on any kind of measurement.

Always Calibrated
It’s a fact of life that Raman instruments need to be calibrated, from environmental factors affecting the optical components or even from just switching lasers. But calibration procedures, even automated ones, can be time consuming. That’s why our Raman microscopes are always calibrated, so you don’t have to waste your time.

Hassle-Free Operation
A feature rich Raman microscope could be complicated to use, but our microscopes are completely automated so you can focus on what really matters – getting results. Switch lasers quickly with just one click, then gratings and filters are automatically adjusted according to your experiment. Raman without the hassle for a maintenance free operation experience.

Super Simple Software
Part of making Raman a technique that’s approachable to everyone is making the software simple and straightforward to use. OPUS, our all-in-one software, is just that thanks to guided workflows and an intuitive design. Plus, powerful AI features simplify chemical identification and data analysis tasks.