X-Ray Defect Inspection


The most comprehensive crystallographic defect inspection solution

X-ray diffraction imaging (XRDI) inspection system


The Bruker QC-TT is a defect metrology system using the latest X-ray diffraction imaging (XRDI) technology for the most comprehensive crystallographic defect inspection solution. The QC-TT is used to analyze Si wafer and ingot quality for the presence of defects and cracks within wafer. With zero edge exclusion, even defects on the bevel edge and the notch can be identified automatically. Due to the nature of the X-ray diffraction, and unlike optical techniques, the wafer does not need to be etched or polished to be able to see the defects.

Most advanced
transmission X-ray diffraction imaging tool
Allows detection of defects previously unseen by any other production-scale techniques on both blanket and patterned wafers.
Fully automated
wafer loading, defect detection, defect classification, and results reporting
Delivers fast feedback early in the manufacturing process.
survey mode
Enables rapid, accurate, full-wafer detection of non-visual crystalline defects.

Early Defect Detection

A main application of the tool is by Si wafer manufacturers. Here it can be used early in the process on ingot slices before the slices are polished. This allows earlier detection of slip and other harmful defects within the ingot, and to decide where on the ingot to start slicing for good wafers.

Automatic Defect Detection

The Bruker QC-TT is also used for SiC monitoring. A key issue in the manufacturing process of SiC are the different defects that can be grown into the ingot. The QC-TT can be used to detect and classify these defects into the key types required by manufacturers: threading edge (TED), threading screw (TSD) and basal plane (BPD) defects. This detection can be done automatically as part of the measurement process.


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