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Q4/2023 News Digests


# 015 - Advancements in microbial identification and resistance detection within the vetinary sector


# 016 - Chasing Listeria in Food and Water: Advancements in detection and strain discrimination


# 017 - Negative ion mode: A sirius feature unlocking new opportunities

Q3/2023 News Digests


# 013 - Potential of L. plantarum in the food industry


# 014 - Same-day Salmonella confirmation and strain discrimination, starting from colony material
– isn’t that egg-citing?

Q2/2022 News Digests


# 011 - Rapid microbial identification in pharmaceutical laboratories



# 012 - MALDI Biotyper® for biopharmaceuticals productions using yeast strains

Q1/2022 News Digests


# 008 - Mastitis and rapid identification of bacteria



# 009 - Microbiota of cheese and easy identification of bacteria, yeasts and molds with the MALDI Biotyper®


# 010 - Renewal of MicroVal certificates for confirmation of Salmonella spp. and Cronobacter spp. starting from colony material

Q3/2021 News Digests


# 005 - Microbial Testing of Ready-to-Eat Food



# 006 - Microbial Community in Fermented Foods



# 007 - Microbial Testing of Beer and Drinks


Q1/2021 News Digests


# 001 - MALDI Biotyper® sirius and IR Biotyper® for industrial laboratories



# 002 - Evolution in the water testing laboratory




# 003 - In less than two hours from colony: Legionella pneumophila identification and subsequent differentiation of L. pneumophila serogroup 1


# 004 - Food microbiology: some sirius news from MicroVal!

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