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Precise Spatial Multiplexing enables versatile assay design and quantitative phenotyping


CellScape™ from Canopy Biosciences—A Bruker Company—is an end-to-end solution for highly multiplexed spatial-omics and single cell analysis. With an advanced imaging system, streamlined fluidics for walk-away automation, and unprecedented flexibility in assay design, the CellScape platform for Precise Spatial Multiplexing accelerates biological discovery, therapeutic development, and precision medicine.

Unlimited iterative staining and imaging cycles for highly multiplexed immunofluorescent biomarker detection
time to result
Large fields of view, 4-sample holder, and walk-away automation for rapid imaging of entire tissue sections
reliable technique
Compatible with both open-source antibodies and a comprehensive selection of multiplex assay kits to streamline assay validation

See What You've Been Missing

Using Canopy Biosciences' ChipCytometry™ technology, CellScape enables accurate detection of both high-and low-expressing biomarker targets on the same sample at single-cell resolution. Supported by industry leading 182 nm/pixel digital sampling rate and two large field of view options, CellScape can image entire tissue sections and discern biologically relevant details in the tissue microenvironment that are undetectable with other spatial biology technologies.

Fully Automated

CellScape facilitates walkaway automation and data acquisition around the clock. With an integrated microfluidics unit combined with the ability to image up to 4 samples at a time, CellScape provides efficiency and throughput for both foundational and translational research.

Highly Multiplexed

The most versatile spatial biology technology, CellScape enables highly multiplexed biomarker detection using any quenchable fluorescently labeled antibody, with no proprietary conjugations required. Designed for CellScape, ready-to-use and expandable VistaPlex™ Assay Kits provide a head start for high-plex spatial experiments. High multiplexing enables exploratory tissue mapping, deep immune profiling, rare cell detection, and complex spatial analyses.

CellScape offers exceptional versatility and simplicity for spatial biology. Through a combination of top-tier optics, walkaway automation, open-source antibodies, and efficient assay validation, the CellScape represents an extremely straightforward solution for our customers. Our R&D team has deep expertise in optical imaging, multi-omic assay development, and bioinformatics, and is thus well poised to deliver transformative spatial biology tools for academic and pre-clinical research.

Oliver Braubach
Director of R&D, Canopy Biosciences


CellScape Enables Emerging Spatial and Single-Cell Applications

Spatial Profiling of Cancer Tisue
Identify spatial relationships and cell-cell interactions in tumor microenvironments

High Plex Immune Phenotyping
Deeply profile and quantify immune cell types and subtypes

Rare Cell Detection
Locate cell types unidentifiable with standard immunofluorescence microscopy


Sample Compatibility
  • Formaldehyde fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues
  • Fresh frozen tissues
  • Cell suspensions, including blood and PBMCs
Fluorescence Channels
  • FS395: Excitation 365/2; Emission 392/23
  • FS421: Excitation 390/40; Emission 460/50
  • FS488: Excitation 470/40; Emission 525/50
  • FS560: Excitation 550/25; Emission 605/70
  • FSPerCP: Excitation 435/40; Emission 710/75
Objective, Field of View, Resolution, and Digital Sampling
Standard Mode
  • Objective: 20X | 0.80 NA
  • Field of view: 0.8 mm2
  • Resolution: 278 nm
  • Digital sampling: 182 nm/pixel
FalconFAST™ Mode
  • Objective: 10X | 0.30 NA
  • Field of view: 3.3 mm2
  • Resolution: 742 nm
  • Digital sampling: 365 nm/pixel
  • CellScape automated microscope
  • PlexFlo fluidics unit
  • Degasser unit
  • Light source
  • eBox
  • Computer with image acquisition and analysis software
  • Computer monitor
  • Barcode scanner
  • CellScape Instrument: 57 cm x 38 cm x 32 cm
  • PlexFlo Fluidics Unit: 37 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg

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