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Jul 12, 2018
5 pm (JST),

X線マイクロCT 金属含有製品のアプリケーション
Nov 16, 2017
4-5 pm (JST),

Jul 20, 2017
4 PM-5 PM (JST)

Nov 24, 2016

Micro-CT in geosciences: Getting the inside story!
This seminar will focus on a general introduction to the technology, and will illustrate the possibilities of non-destructive 3D imaging through many examples.
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Sep 22, 2016

X-ray microCT analysis of fiber reinforced composite materials
The fundamental concepts of microCT are introduced with their link to hardware characteristics.
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Webinar Content
Dec 01, 2016

MicroCT and optical imaging for preclinical lung research
Presenter: Dr Jeroen Hostens, PhD, Bruker microCT Business Unit Manager for Optical Molecular Imaging

Small animal imaging can provide invaluable insights into mechanisms of disease, as well as the effects of candidate therapeutics in preclinical settings. MicroCT, a tool for preclinical imaging, allows the same technology used in a medical CT scanner to be applied on a microscopic level, meaning detailed “slices” can be taken non-destructively through samples and living animal models.
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Oct 20, 2016

Easy control for enjoyable experience: New SkyScan 1276, High resolution In Vivo micro tomography
This webinar will give you an overview of the specifications and key applications of the new SkyScan 1276 in vivo microCT.
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Aug 03, 2016

Bone imaging and analysis with microCT: Exploring the possibilities
This webinar will cover the basics of MicroCT technology and give an overview of the possibilities of microCT in bone imaging and analysis.
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May 12, 2015

High resolution microCT in preclinical applications
The use of X rays in preclinical applications is historically linked to imaging bone, where it has become the gold standard. X rays are attenuated more by calcified tissue compared to soft tissue. However, in recent years, the range of applications has greatly increased through the development of preclinical contrast agents.
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