Materials Science Research


Scientists and engineers from biology, chemistry and physics gain deeper insights into the nanoscale cosmos, discover new possibilities, and create innovative products using Bruker solutions.

Analysis of Complex Systems on the Nanoscale

Understanding these and other complex systems on the nanoscale is crucial for the design process and for the never-ending endeavor of designing new products on ever smaller scales.  Nanomaterials are matter with one or more dimension sized below 100nm. The development of many technologies and industry sectors rely on nanotechnology. It builds the bridge across many research fields, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Thus, various well-established analytical methods are applied in nanomaterials research. As part of everyday products, nanomaterials are widely used in various consumer and industrial applications, such as:  semiconductor devices, medicine, solar, cosmetic, construction materials, clothing, appliances, and food.

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