Bruker Labscape Remote Monitoring

Secure Your Magnet

Keeping an eye on cryogen levels means Bruker’s remote monitoring can save you time and money

During these challenging times, the Bruker LabScape Remote Monitoring solution has helped many customers secure their NMR magnets and reduce costs when access to instruments was difficult if not impossible. Based on a secured one-way data connection, Bruker service experts help our customers to keep an eye on their cryogens.


Connect's free!

Help Keep Your Magnet Safe Wherever You Are

Our service experts support you in identifying upcoming cryogen refills to avoid a costly quench. Bruker’s remote monitoring is a free service to monitor and identify upcoming cryogen refills, even if access to labs is restricted.

Manual Adelantado
Universidad Politècnica de Valencia, Spain

"Because the University was closed due to Covid-19 government measures, we were unaware of these incidences that could be fatal to our instrument.
Luckily, our magnet is connected to Bruker for remote monitoring of cryogenics so we were contacted promptly by our Bruker engineer, making us aware of the catastrophic consequences concerning helium boiling. We were able to act quickly in both occasions and secure the magnet."

Peace of Mind

Stay relaxed, we are checking the liquid helium and nitrogen levels for you, ensuring that the performance of your magnet remains optimal.

Dr Chris O'Keefe
Department of Chemistry
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

"Needless to say we have now implemented Remote Monitoring for our magnets which will give us the added reassurance that is essential to the success of our ongoing research projects in the nature of solid state materials and their applications in supercapacitors, fuel cells and batteries."

Improved Safety

Remote monitoring allows you to proactively monitor your cryogen levels and to plan the refill of cryogens effectively and safely, providing a great deal of reassurance.

Sergio Menegon
Head of Analytical Chemistry
Recordati S.p.A, Milan, Italy

"The remote monitoring system installed on our NMR magnet ensured that Bruker specialists were able to continually verify the correct levels of cryogens, allowing us to plan maintenance safely and efficiently."

Edith Antunes, PhD

Associate Professor (Research), Chemistry Department
University of the Western Cape, South Africa

"Remote monitoring our magnets has also allowed me to plan the essential maintenance of our magnets effectively and safely, providing a great deal of reassurance."

Optimized Service Scheduling and Minimized Downtime

While supporting you in monitoring your cryogen levels, Bruker LabScape Remote Monitoring also improves your maintenance planning.  Bruker can help you keep your project on track and reduce unexpected project stress, saving you time and money.

Serge Sablé
Paris Analytics
Sanofi, France

"These are new times, especially in terms of our professional lives. I would like to thank Bruker's after-sales service, and especially Patrice Hurteau, for the continuity of service and adaptation to the customer's agenda. Two NMR magnets were filled this morning, which means a little less pressure for the customer."