Lorne Proteomics 2023

February 2 - 5, 2023

Join us for the Bruker Workshop

Saturday, February 4, 2023
07:45 am (AEDT)

Streamlined & automated sample processing for in-depth proteomic analyses


High sensitivity proteomics workflows on the timsTOF SCP Single Cell analysis, Immunopeptidomics, PTM analysis
Live speaker: Christoph Krisp, Application Development Proteomics, Bruker, Germany

For samples with limited amounts such as single cells, PTMs or immunopeptidomics, high-sensitivity mass spectrometry is required. Recent enhancements in trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) coupled to fast and high sensitivity mass spectrometry, delivered by the timsTOF SCP, allows to address these areas. Single cell proteomics is a rapidly developing field with the potential to make important contributions to the understanding of cellular heterogeneity. Single cell protein extraction, minimal exposure of samples to surfaces and optimal storage and transfer conditions are crucial for loss-less single cell proteome analyses. 

The cellenONE® cell sorting platform bundled to the timsTOF SCP enables pipetting-free and label-free single cell analysis workflow established on the nanoElute® 2 nLC system and the Evosep One in Whisper mode, either utilising the label-free proteoCHIP® or the single cell Evotip adapter (prototype) from Cellenion. Both setups allow for reproducible quantitative analysis of single cells, identifying more than 3.500 proteins out of single HeLa cells. This allows for identifying biological differences between different cell types but also between cells of different sizes of the same cell type.

Further, the timsTOF SCP enables detection of HLA type peptides from minimal starting amount (~ 10 ng peptide load), dramatically reducing the number of immune cells required for HLA peptide enrichments. Here, the TIMS technology drastically increases identification rates due to intelligent inclusion of singly charged peptide precursors.


PepSep chromatography update
Michael Krawitzky, Ph.D., Global Product Manager LC-MS Consumables

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