Bruker Nano Analytics Presents: Micro-XRF Back to the Roots series part III

Using micro-XRF for Quantitative Analysis

On-Demand Session - 64 Minutes

Micro-XRF as a Quantitative Analysis Technique

In the third webinar of the “Back to the Roots” series Bruker Nano Analytics' Experts present the potentials of micro-XRF as a technique for quantitative analysis. After covering the basics of the technique and the potentials of the qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis it is time for quantitative analysis to be in focus.

Often considered the only “right way” of sample analysis, quantitative analysis is merely a way to describe a sample using absolute numbers. The units used in micro-XRF might be uncommon, such as number of atoms per unit area or parts per million, or they might be more familiar, such as weight percent.

Analytical reproducibility and the correctness of results are fundamental characters of quantiative analyses and they will be discussed with respect to micro-XRF analysis. For sure there is both, good analysis with a high precision, as well as poorly supported results. However, the latter should not be called semi-quantitative, but instead as having a large margin of error or uncertainty. There are multiple reasons as to why results may not be better. This can either be related to the sample or the instrument, or even the measurement conditions or the physics itself may have a crucial impact.

In this webinar we present potentials for quantification from simple to complex specimens, from infinitely thick to thin, from ideal to non-ideal samples. The possibilities to optimize the analytical output are elaborated on using example cases. We also discuss detection limits and develop potential improvements and parameter optimization.

Who should watch?

  • Everyone interested in or using micro-XRF as a quantitative analysis technique.
  • Handheld XRF users whose applications involve quantitative analysis. 


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Falk Reinhardt

Senior Application Scientist micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics

Dr. Roald Tagle

Senior Application Scientist micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics

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