Food Safety and Agriculture

Food Safety & Agriculture applications using handheld XRF analyzers

Safe and nutritious food is of primary concern to everyone, from the farm to the table. The recent prevalence of contaminants and adulterated, counterfeit or fraudulent food has led to an increase in public awareness and government regulations.

Simple, routine and sophisticated science-based methods enable a reliable, precise, accurate, transparent and harmonious decision making process for safe and nutritious food the world over.

Bruker’s portable XRF solutions offer multi-element analysis with off-the-shelf or customized methods to provide actionable results at any stage of the food production process – from the presence of required elemental nutrients to threats from elemental and metal contaminants.

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Field Portable Elemental Analysis

Our TRACER 5 Analyzer System with air, helium or vacuum beam paths and customizable filters provides lab-like qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements from sodium to uranium. Its versatility enables research and methods development for multi-elemental analyses with custom SRMs for soil, fertilizers, seeds, plants, crops & treatments, liquids and more.

Point-and-Shoot Handheld XRF

Our S1 TITAN Point-and-Shoot HH-XRF analyzer and CTX Benchtop XRF analyzer provides fast results in composition, pass/fail or Y/N for Mg to U in soil, dry plant matter, incoming bio-material and final food products. Options for off-the-shelf or custom calibrations are available. The S1 TITAN is a workhorse for fast metal and alloy ID of incoming and in-service piping, tubing, components, parts and welds.